My Happy Chai 200g

My Happy Chai 200g



Here's a fun filled chai that's easy to make, ready in moments, and the whole family will love!

Plus its dairy and processed sugar free, and naturally low in caffeine with approximately 5mg per serve, so its a great pick-me-up for that late afternoon slump that wont keep  you awake all night!

It tastes best when steamed on the coffee machine, but dont worry, its still great when made in the pan - and its not always possible to grind the whole spices that we use into a fine powder, so some natural sediment may remain in the cup - but feel free to use a strainer when pouring to strain this out if  you need to 

to make simply combine two teaspoons of powder to 250ml of the milk of your choice, then heat and serve.

My Happy Chai is:

# dairy free 
# vegan
# good for you
# mostly organic
# processed sugar free
# naturally low in caffeine 

Evaporated coconut blossom sugar, organic chai spices, and Daintree black tea

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