My Dandy Chocolate 200g

My Dandy Chocolate 200g



Sometimes you just want it all - the decadence of a delightful hot chocolate combined with the gently soothing and cleansing properties of organic dandelion - well now you can have it all because we've combined both into one delectable package!

So sooth your sorrows away with a silky smooth hot chocolate combined with the restorative properties and mild digestive aid that organic dandelion provides!

Finally - a delicious tonic that tastes good and which is good for you - but don't just take our word for it - do some research for yourself on the many and myriad healing properties of the wonderful (and tasty) dandelion plant  

Fun fact - dandelion makes and excellent substitute for coffee as, like coffee, its flavour profile is both bitter and sweet, plus it has the added benefit of acting as a mild laxative and as a diuretic too - which can help to restore digestive balance

To make simply combine two teaspoons of powder to 250ml of the milk of your choice, then heat and serve.

It tastes best when steamed on the coffee machine, but dont worry, it tastes great when made in the pan - and its not always possible to grind the whole spices that we use into a fine powder, so some natural sediment may remain in the cup - but feel free to use a strainer when pouring to strain this out if it bothers you

My Dandy Chocolate is:
 # dairy free 
# vegan
# good for you
# mostly organic
# processed sugar free
# naturally low in caffeine 

Organic dandelion powder, organic raw cacao powder, and organic evaporated coconut blossom sugar

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