My Chocolate Golden 200g

My Chocolate Golden 200g



combining the best of both world, My Chocolate Golden is a divinely inspired combination of My Golden Mylk turmeric latte and our all natural drinking chocolate product which is made up of organic raw cacao powder, and organic evaporated coconut blossom nectar, to create a stunning concoction that the whole family will love and enjoy 

whats not to like about chocolate and turmeric mixed together - thats one way to get the good stuff into the kids (ok, quite a few grownups have admitted that they are secretly addicted as well!)

to make simply combine two teaspoons of powder to 250ml of the milk of your choice, then heat , strain, and serve

My Chocolate Golden has the added bonus of tasting great on alternative mylks such as coconut and almond - but dont worry coz it tastes great on dairy too!

My Chocolate Golden is:
# dairy free 
# vegan
# mostly organic
# processed sugar free

Turmeric and chai spices combined with organic raw cacao and evaporated coconut blossom sugar

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