My Chocolate Chai (sugar free) 200g

My Chocolate Chai (sugar free) 200g



Want a great tasting drink that not only tastes good, but its good for you?

Great - because we've invented our sugar free chocolate chai just for you !

Made on a base of organic raw cacao with whole chai spices ground fresh for each batch - with nothing else added!

My Chocolate Chai (sugar free) is essentially a chai spiced drinking chocolate but with no added tea or sugar of any kind 

Whole organic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and star anise, are ground fresh for each batch, lending natural sweetness to the mix - of course feel free to add a little rice malt syrup or similar if you want to, but its actually quite nice and refreshing to let the unadulterated ingredients speak for themselves!

Best made by adding a little hot water to the two teaspoons of powder and stirring to form a paste, and then adding milk of your choice and steaming all on the coffee machine

But dont worry it tastes great made in the pan as well - and for an added treat you can alway heat the milk separately and then 'plump' it in a plunger (assuming that you havent got the steam wand from a coffee machine to work with ) to achieve a lovely and creamy latte-like consistency, which you then combine with the paste in the glass and stir to mix

to make simply combine two teaspoons of powder to 250ml of the milk of your choice, then heat , strain, and serve

My Chocolate Chai (sugar free) is:
# dairy free 
# vegan
# sugar free
# organic

Organic raw cacao and chai spices


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