How to make My Golden Life Products

Here at My Golden Life we have a pretty straight forward philosophy - we believe that our products should be nutritious and delicious and easy to make! 

I prefer to make my products using the steam wand on the coffee machine - but i realise that not everyone has an espresso machine at their disposal 

So Ill run through a couple of methods for you 

Firstly on the coffee machine add 220ml of the milk of your choice to a milk jug, then add one heaped teaspoon of My Golden Mylk Product to the jug, and stir to mix

Then steam the contents, until just off the boil - ideally expanding the mylk volume by about one third in the process to create a lovely latte consistency 

The strain using a fine mesh tea strainer into a latte glass or similar - the add honey or similar to sweeten as desired, then drink and enjoy!


Or if you havent got a coffee machine add one heaped teaspoon of product to a small saucepan, then say 30ml of boiling water on top, and stir to form a paste.  Add 220ml of the milk of your choice then heat until just off the boil - then remove from the heat and whisk and strain and serve into a latte glass or similar 

For a tasty treat in the heat try making a paste with the product as described above, adding a bit honey or similar to bind the ingredients and to sweeten things up a bit, then pour it over a glass filled with ice and the mylk of your choice to create a 'goldie coldie' or a 'cacao kapow!'

I tend not to strain here because I enjoy the full flavour, and I dont mind a bit of grit, but by all means feel free to strain as desired!


How to make Golden Paste (GP)

A lot of people swear by the healing properties of golden paste, and there's many testimonials to this effect which can be found online

So here's how you do it:

Take 80g of My Golden Mylk powder and add to a small saucepan with approximately 400ml of water, and bring the contents to the boil, stirring occasionally.

Then turn down the heat to a gentle simmer, and cook for another 7 to 10 minutes - ideally stirring constantly, or at least as frequently to avoid clumping

Ideally use as a wooden jam spoon as we believe that plastic can taint the mix - you can add water as necessary or reduce the amount that you add initially, depending upon the consistency that you want to achieve, and we suggest that you add half the water initially and the rest gradually, until the desired consistency is reached

Remove contents from the heat and allow to cool - then add 1/3 of a cup or approximately 6 tablespoons of organic extra virgin coconut oil, and stir into the mix

Dont worry if you cant find organic, but we do recommend extra virgin coconut oil, or at least the best quality product that you can get your hands on

Stir continuously until the contents are well mixed. Then store in a sterilised glass jar in the fridge, ideally for no longer than a couple of weeks.  And discard contents if they start to look or smell old or out of date 


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