My White Chocolate Turmeric Chai 200g

My White Chocolate Turmeric Chai 200g



taking golden milk to the next level, we start with a turmeric and ginger base, then we add a generous smattering of raw cocoa butter for added creaminess - and finish with freshly ground chai spices, for added depth and dexterity! 

simply add one heaped teaspoon of powder to 240ml of the milk of your choice, then steam or heat the ingredients together and strain into a latte glass to create a super creamy golden milk latte like no other!

Our golden milk is:
# sugar free
# dairy free 
# vegan
# good for you
# mostly organic
# natural anti-inflammatory
# gentle on the digestion

Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, raw cacao butter, black pepper 

 Approx 40 serves per packet

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