My Tantalizing Turmeric Latte 200g

My Tantalizing Turmeric Latte 200g



My Golden Mylk is made from only the finest ingredients with whole organic spices ground fresh for each batch to ensure maximum flavour and freshness

Plus our product is recommended by the Turmeric Users Group - possibly the largest group of its kind in the world - check it out on facebook!

To make simply add one heaped tsp (5g) to a little hot water, then stir to form a paste, then heat with 250ml of the milk of your choice, and strain into a latte glass or similar!

Our product is:

# gluten free
# dairy free
#sugar free
# vegan
# mosty organic
# preservative free
Reported benefits include:
* reduced inflammation 
* boost immune
* enhanced cognition 
* reduced 'fogginess' 
* reduced joint pain
* increased mobility 
* regulates blood sugar
* powerful antioxidant

But dont just take my word for it - we encourage you to try the product for yourself to enjoy the great taste - plus do your own research to discover the many benefits of My Golden Milk Tantelizing  Turmeric and especially the healing properties of curcumin - the active ingredient in turmeric!

Only the finest organic ingredients are used for our products and our packaging is heat sealed in eco friendly brown kraft paper earth bags for hygiene and longevity
Contains approximately forty serves per packet - for best results make with either almond or coconut milk (or a combination of both), and adding a teaspoon of cold pressed coconut oil is also optional to aid absorption and for maximum benefit

But dont worry, you will still  benefit using other milks, it just might take a little longer to take effect!

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