4oz Hip Flask of Hey Brew Cold Filter Coffee!

4oz Hip Flask of Hey Brew Cold Filter Coffee!



This limited edition hip flask is a genuine collector's item and it serves the dual purpose of looking great, as well as having great insulation properties - which means that it keeps your Hey Brew! colder for longer!

And its full of caffeinated goodness to help you get through your day - with the added bonus of being ultra portable - so its the coffee on demand that you want, when you want it - at any hour of day or night!


Fill weight is 180g and size is approx 10cm wide by 8.5cm high - so its still light weight and portable enough to sling around! In fact it fits in your purse, in your shirt or hip pocket, or just about anywhere else you'd like to stash it!

Contents need to be chilled and kept refrigerated when not in use, and Hey Brew! is good for up to 3 months post production

But a day or two outside of the fridge is not going to hurt it, as long as you finish all of the contents in the bottle (shouldn't be too hard its just damned delicious)

Make sure you rinse your flask well and flush it with hot water before refilling

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